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3-D construction printing technology is a cutting edge innovation for building houses and all types of structures. Similar to a 3-D printer for small objects, three construction printing technology uses a large-scale printer, and instead of plastic for ink it uses concrete.

3-D construction printing is unique because it can solve many of the problems facing humanity today. Some of the biggest problems in the world today are homelessness and the crisis of affordable housing. 3-D construction technology can solve these problems rapidly with its ability to print and construct buildings in a single day. These are buildings that will last over 100 years because they are strong, durable, and made mostly of concrete. With our 3-D construction printing technology we can build homes and buildings that are hurricane and earthquake resistant.

Also the cost of printing the house or building is a fraction of the cost of building a conventional house or building. So the obvious benefits of 3-D construction printing technology is building structures in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost. This can revolutionize the construction of buildings worldwide, and end the global homeless crisis. Whether people are homeless due to economics reasons, environmental disasters, or refugees, this technology can solve many of these issues for all people.

With 3-D construction printing technology an endless range of structures can be “print constructed” from residential homes, your dream mansion, large scale public buildings, theaters, stadiums, hotels, restaurants, malls, resorts, factories, high rise buildings, bridges, schools, churches, temples, mosques, stores, entertainment parks, dance clubs, luxury villas, vacation cottages, office buildings, works of art, historical replicas, grow houses, greenhouses, fences, long walls, etc. 3-D print construction is faster, at a lower construction cost, with the ability to do complexed and accurate design work at lightning speed allows for a significant reduction of waste (financial, material, energy, etc). Even intricate art and complex art structures can be created through this amazing technology.

These buildings are 100% clean, green and environmentally friendly. Our goal is to help address the global need for affordable housing and to help end homelessness worldwide. Your goal may be to create your dream home with our technology.


This is smart construction using innovative technology that is 100% environmentally friendly. Even recycled materials can be used to construct buildings with, thereby finding a new used for non-toxic waste materials. Instead of throwing non-toxic waste materials like glass and plastics into a landfill, this waste material can be recycled and used to build buildings with. Through 3-D construction printing you can reduce the energy consumption of the building because they require less energy to heat and cool the 3-D printed building then conventional buildings. Also all IE 3-D printed building are powered 100% by clean renewable energy.

We invite you to be a part of this global labor of love. Through this technology we can create a better future for humanity, and perhaps one day end homelessness and poverty for all. Let us build you a humble home or a magnificent mansion.