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The best way to protect our environment is to transform our current fossil fuel based energy infrastructure into a sustainable clean green energy infrastructure.

In order to do this we need more efficient renewable energy technologies. Why? Because while existing renewable energy technologies are OK, we need more cost effective, higher energy producing technologies to accelerate the adoption of clean technology worldwide to reduce and reverse the negative impacts of climate change. The existing renewable energy technologies are some what price competitive with fossil fuels in some areas of the world but not in all areas.

In order for solar energy to become more attractive than fossil fuels everywhere, solar technology must become more efficient and more cost-effective so it will be at a superior advantage over fossil fuels everywhere. IE understands this, and for this reason we are committed to bringing the most efficient solar technologies to the commercial market to accelerate transforming our planet into a sustainable world.

Why is solar energy so important?

Because as human society keeps growing, we will require more and more energy to power our world. We will need carbon neutral or carbon negative forms of energy to do this, if we want to reduce and reverse the negative impacts of climate change. Therefore we need to rely on renewable sources of energy. Which renewable energy resources have the greatest potential for supplying carbon neutral or carbon negative forms of energy to power our world? The SUN.

Energy from the sun or sunlight has by far the highest potential to power our world of all earth’s renewable and fossil fuel energy sources. Simply put, it is estimated that more energy from the sun strikes the earth’s surface in 100 minutes than the current annual worldwide energy consumption of all nations combined. Even Thomas Edison knew this, and stated this well before there was a worldwide energy crisis, or climate change. If we could simply harness this clean energy from the sun, we would have enough electricity to power our world indefinitely. With existing solar PV technology the efficiency per price is OK. Some people and organizations have decided to adopt PV solar energy at this current paradigm. The world is currently around a 1% or less solar adoption. However with advanced PV solar technology achieving greater efficiencies at a similar or lower cost, solar PV technology will be adopted at lightening speed.

We are working to bring to the commercial market new advanced PV solar technologies with greater than 40% efficiencies. This new advanced solar technology will usher in the next wave of global solar transformation to accelerate the conversion of our society into a sustainable world.

How? By using new materials to create more efficient PV solar cells we can achieve greater efficiencies. Instead of the single phase silicon-based PV solar cell which has a theoretical limit of about a 25% to 30% efficiency, by switching to multi-phase PV solar cell technology where the sun’s light is split into two or more light spectrums, and by harnessing the power from these various light spectrums we can achieve higher and higher efficiencies.

By splitting sunlight into its different color spectrums similar to a rainbow, more electric power can be harnessed per PV solar cell. Using different materials that specialize in converting a specific spectrum of sunlight into electricity more energy can be harnessed from the sun in any given area thus far out performing the traditional silicon PV solar cell.

The sun’s light touches everything on the surfaces of our planet. The sun is literally are most abundant source of energy. For this reason it makes perfect sense to power our world primarily through solar.