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An environmentally friendly microgrid is a self-contained grid that uses renewable energy producing technology such as solar panels, batteries for energy storage and smart technology to distribute the electricity in the most efficient way. Microgrids can complement the national grid or work independently from it, providing communities with access to more sustainable and resilient energy supplies.

With the latest technology innovations International Electricity can connect, monitor and manage renewable energy sources and guarantee a smoother more reliable microgrid infrastructure.

The issue of solving climate change in general, is urgent. By using smart grids fueled by renewable energy we can accomplish this task in just a few short years.

Around the world, most countries have been relying on older centralized grids to fulfill their electricity needs. However, recent times have seen the emergence of ‘smaller’ and ‘independent’ grids that are meeting energy needs of small communities without any dependence on a central grid. While they can be made to operate in tandem with central grids, they are mostly designed to deliver energy to a local community and run autonomously as self-sufficient power units. They can be set up to meet the electrical demands of various customers such as a university campus, business offices, or a village community in rural area. They are comprised of small-interconnected clusters of loads that aim to provide reliable and ‘grid’ free power in a cost effective manner.

Top Benefits of Eco-Friendly Smart Micro-grids:

  • Accurate digital information and control to optimize the grid operations
  • Smart metering system, smart real time integration that allows for real-time response information on energy consumption and electricity storage
  • Improvement over traditional Grid
  • Greater Reliability — Local power generation is a great way to eliminate blackouts.
  • Cost Effective: Microgrids allow consumers to obtain electricity in real-time at lower costs
  • Reduces Carbon footprint