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Energy storage systems

At International Electricity, we have a variety of standardize and customized energy battery storage system that will deliver energy on demand for your organization. These battery storage systems can be coupled with your solar installation so that your organization has a 24/7 reliable energy source that delivers electricity to your organization even in a grid blackout.

From centralized energy storage system to decentralized battery back up systems place at various locations throughout the building structure we have the perfect energy storage solution for your property. Today’s solar batteries work like any rechargeable battery, but they are recharged totally by the sun’s power. When the weather is cloudy or at night when the solar panels are not actively producing power, your establishment will draw on the power stored in the batteries.

Top Benefits of energy storage systems:

  • Make the most of the electricity you generate by storing it for when you need it
  • Greater energy security, have electricity even in a grid blackout
  • Reduce your carbon foot print
  • Reliable and no noise pollution unlike generators.