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Integrated building photovoltaics are excellent ways to get the most out of a building structure by converting the outside surfaces to an electric power generation station. Integrated building photovoltaics serve as both a weatherized outer layer of a structure and generate electricity for on-site use or also can be exported to the grid. Integrated building photovoltaics systems can provide savings in building materials and electricity costs, reduce pollution, and add to the architectural appeal of a building.

Integrated building photovoltaics can be added to a structure as a retrofit, or originally incorporated into the design of a building. One of the greatest value of integrated building photovoltaics systems is realized by including them in the initial building design. By substituting PV for standard materials during the initial construction, builders can reduce the incremental cost of PV systems and eliminate costs and design issues for separate mounting systems.

Integrated building photovoltaics systems are planned during the architectural design stage and are added during initial construction, or can be planned and built during a retrofit. At International Electricity we integrated advanced solar system technologies with a variety of solar aesthetics to produce the highest level of electric power generation with a focus of design and beauty.

Integrated building photovoltaics can be incorporated into the sides of buildings, replacing traditional glass windows and typically offer a larger available area to generate electricity. In retrofit applications, integrated building photovoltaics can also be used to camouflage unattractive or degraded building exteriors.

Integrated building photovoltaics systems are designed into the building to operate wholly independent of the electrical grid or can be a co-generation system to feed the grid.

Integrated building photovoltaics coupled with batteries or other on-site energy storage systems can delivery vast amounts of clean electricity to any building.


Top Benefits of integrated building photovoltaics:

  • Can reduce over building construction cost
  • Can be retrofitted into a building later
  • Reduce overall electric power cost by generating electricity at source of use
  • Can enhance the beauty and design of any building
  • Makes use of large surface areas of a building to generate electricity