Most Advanced Solar Panels Today Using Tandem Solar Technology

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At International Electricity (IE), we use the most efficient and cutting edge solar technology available in the world today. We are constantly upgrading our solar technologies and working to increase solar cell efficiency. Currently we can offer to our commercial solar customers tandem solar technology with up to 32% efficiency. We are one of the first companies to introduce tandem solar cell technology to commercial solar projects worldwide. Where most companies are still using solar panels that only have about a 21% efficiency, we have exceeded that and we’re working to achieve efficiencies above 40+%.

Recent advances in perovskite photovoltaic technology have allowed us to deliver more energy efficient commercial solar projects to companies that want to embrace the future of solar technology today. For example, an average 1 MW solar project, which may produce about 1,500,000 kWh of electricity annually on average, that same project using the advance perovskite photovoltaic technology will produce about 50% more electricity using the same surface space areas. That’s an increase of about 750,000 kWh, or a total of about 2,250,000 kWh per year per. This is a big game changer for many large organizations that are going solar and have limited space.

Top Benefits of tandem solar panels:

  • Up to 50% more energy production
  • Less surface space is needed to produce energy
  • High device efficiencies
  • Most advanced solar panels available
  • More aesthetically attractive looking solar panels

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