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At International Electricity, we help our customers obtain the right kind of solar financing specific towards their needs. We have many types of solar financing from $0, no money down financing, to fixed incremental solar loans, and even power purchase agreements. Whatever type of business or nonprofit organization you have, we have solar financing that is an excellent fit for your solar project. In addition, for any other energy efficient upgrades, or construction needs to your property, we can help provide the best financing for your organization. Because you can use your monthly utility bill savings to pay down the solar loan balance over time, you are not technically paying “out-of-pocket.” This makes using solar loans a very affordable option for commercial property owners.

Contact us today to learn more about the various forms of solar and construction financing we have available for your organization.

Top Benefits of Solar Financing:

  • No money down, start your solar project immediately
  • Keep your cash liquid for other invest opportunities
  • Most times the electric bill savings will service the solar financing, so there is no need to pull money from another source.