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Welcome to the New Age in solar energy. International Electricity offers the latest and most advanced solar technology available today to achieve the best solar system for your home, school or organization. Our goal is to help you get the most value from the sun. We custom build every solar system to meet your home or organizations exact special needs.

In addition we have the latest new solar technologies and innovations to optimize your solar experience. Please see the list of new solar tech below.

Our goal is to always eliminate 100% of your energy bill and secure your energy independence. Enjoy your clean renewable energy without any concern of future electric bills and utility price increases with IE solar.

We also offer $0 money down with 100% ownership financing programs to meet any home or organizations financial needs. By going solar with us, your savings compared to your current electric bill will be enormous. Contact us so we can give you a free proposal and you can learn about all the benefits that apply to you and your solar system.

We offer 25 year warranties, maintenance, solar cleaning services, monitoring and performance guarantees.

Enjoy the simple benefits of going solar today.

We create the best and most intelligently designed solar system with 100% ownership for your home or organization. Ownership is the best way to receive the highest benefits that a solar system can offer.

The top 12 benefits of going solar are:

  1. Solar immediately begins saving you money
  2. Take advantage of tax credits and local rebates (30% USA Tax Credit)
  3. Solar can 100% eliminate your electric bill
  4. Avoid the annual electric utility rate increases
  5. Increase the value of your property.
  6. Achieve your energy independence
  7. With a solar battery your will have power even in a blackout.
  8. Its clean and green, and helps save the environment.
  9. Its a secure investment with a ROI that out preforming many stocks.
  10. Greatly reduces your carbon footprint
  11. The sun is free and your system should last 25 – 40 years
  12.  Get money back from your utility for your extra energy you put back into the grid.