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For very unique and aesthetically creative solar structures that will add charm and beauty to any upscale property, such as hotels, landmark buildings, sports arenas, shopping malls, etc, International Electricity can offer your organization the very best in artistically designed arrays to create the perfect iconic solar canopy structures that will complement the beauty of your existing building(s).

Our team of expert structural engineers and designers can create amazing solar systems that will highlight the grandeur and beauty of any upscale property. Any design that can be achieved we can bring that to life for your organization. Whether the designs are integrated into the building structure or separate, whatever we design will become reality.

We blend artistic beauty with high efficiency functionality to create amazing memorable iconic structure that will be recognized by the guests and visitors to your property. Using the latest solar technology to deliver the highest energy production available today, your organization will be greatly satisfied with both the high volume production of clean electricity, with a focus on structural beauty and elegance.

Top Benefits of Custom Designed Solar System:

  • Achieve stunning iconic solar structures that complement the beauty of your property
  • Blend high energy production with unique handsome designs
  • Make your eco-friendly statement by showing the world that your business is committed to helping the environment and looking good at the same time
  • Be a leader by creating one of a kind eco-friendly solar structures